sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008


WCC commemorates date of founding in Amsterdam 60 years ago

Geneva (ENI). Church leaders around the world have continued their celebrations of the founding of the World Council of Churches 60 years ago, when the grouping officially came together in Amsterdam on 23 August 1948 to forge greater Christian unity. "Stating that in seeking Christ they found each other, the 147 churches that sixty years ago came together in Amsterdam, Netherlands committed themselves afresh to Christ and covenanted with one another, said the WCC's general secretary the Rev. Samuel Kobia before a commemorative event on 22 August. "It is significant that as we gather 60 years later at the same venue we note that the churches have been faithful to their commitment. Not only have they stayed together, but they have deepened and broadened the fellowship," Kobia added. [600 words, ENI-08-0676]

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